Danish KC 2 days INT with Danish Winner 2017 title Show in Herning

Wow what a fantastic weekend! Day 1 at The Herning INT Show in Herning, Denmark CH SE, FIN, NORDW-15, JWW-15, EuroJW-15, SEJW-15, IT JCH Chippichawas Miss Concorde won CAC, CACIB, BOS and became Danish Champion and Nordic Champion!! 😄 Skrållans children also did very well "Ture" Admiravel Crazy Man In Beard got Exellent and "Estelle" Admiravel Black Ascot got Exellent with CK Big thank you to honourable Judge Johan J Juslin! It was a very nice day meeting all international friends! 😄 "Skrållan" was very pleased and celebrated with a Danish pølse and champagne!! 🥂🌭 (Groupie with friends - Day 1 BOB Belge, BOB Brux and BOS Belge) Day 2 at the Danish Winner 2007 Show "Skållan" (Now also)


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