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July 23, 2019

Västerås Nordic dog show

Admiravel Power Dress
BOB puppy!!

CH Nord, SE, FI, NO Admiravel Crazy Man In Beard
Best male, CAC, Nordic CAC and BOB!

SEJW-17, SEW-17 Admiravel Red Velvet
First show after a terrible car accident in December. Have been grateful she’s alive but terrified that she might lose her left front leg. 3 operations later and she made it and what a unbelievable comeback!!
Moving fabulous like it never happened she won Best female, CAC, Nordic CAC, BOB and New Swedish Champion!!! 🥂🥂❤️

Thank you to breed specialist judge Sóley Ragna Ragnarsdóttir for appreciating my griffs!

Super proud of my home breed little monkeys that all are out of the same dam Multi CH Chippichawas Miss Concorde, from two different combinations.  

June 28, 2019

Swedish Griffon special 2019

Did only show one little star this time and she made me very proud.

Admiravel Power Dress
Best puppy of breed and BIS3 pup! 🏆 

Thanks to the judge for appreciating my little griff!

It was a well organised show and accommodation, with nice dinner, drinks and fun games! Big thanks to the organisation committee and to all fellow griffon friends for a very nice weekend!

June 23, 2019

Home after a lovely adventure weekend in Norway at the NMHK NAT show with The Norwegian Griffon club specialty 2019.

CIB CH NORD, SE, FI, DK, ITJr, DKW-17, NORD W-15, JWW-15, EUJW-15, SEJW-15 
Chippichawas Miss Concorde “Skrållan” 
Showing her for the first time in ages and she won best bitch, CAC NEW Norwegian Champion title and BOS!! 🍾🏆

And all Skrållan’s children did excellent and couldn’t be more proud as a breeder, owner, groomer and handler ❤️⬇️

CH SE Admiravel Black Ascot ”Estelle” won her class and became bb3 with reserve CAC ⭐️

Admiravel Power Deess ”Ida” won her class, BOB puppy, BISS1 puppy at the Griffon Club finals all 3 varieties and later at the day BIS 4 puppy all breeds!! ❤️🏆

CH SE, FI Admiravel Crazy Man In Beard “Ture” won best male, CAC NEW Norwegian Champion and then also finished Nord Champion!! BOB and BISS1 Griffon Club all 3 varieties and later BIS 4 all breeds!! 🍾🏆

Big thank you to the honourable judges for appreciating the quality of my dogs!

Breed and BISS Jud...

June 9, 2019

Today at Stockholm Stoxta NDS

Admiravel Always Be Closing 
BOB puppy

Admiravel Power Dress
BOB puppy

CH Admiravel Crazy Man In Beard 2bm

CH Admiravel Black Ascot 
Best bitch and BOS

Thank you to judge Samuel Carlid!

June 3, 2018

SDHK Swedish toy club show in Norrköping.

Admiravel Crazy Man in Beard "Ture"  won best Dog with CC and BOS 🍾

Thank you judge Mr Tony Allcock!

May 26, 2018

Had a lovely day today at the Nordic Dog Show in sunny Gimo!

My home breed 18 months old litter sister and brother made me super proud ❤️❤️

Griffon Bruxellois
SE W-17, SE JW-17 Admiravel Red Velvet "Lisen"
Won best female, CC, Nordic CC and BOB

Griffon Belge
Admiravel Crazy Man in Beard "Ture"
Won best male, CC, Nordic CC and BOS

Thank you judge Gabriella Carlid for thinking so highly of my griffs!

November 6, 2017

Wow what a fantastic weekend!

Day 1 at The Herning INT Show in Herning, Denmark

CH SE, FIN, NORDW-15, JWW-15, EuroJW-15, SEJW-15, IT JCH
Chippichawas Miss Concorde won CAC, CACIB, BOS and became Danish Champion and Nordic Champion!! 😄

Skrållans children also did very well 

"Ture" Admiravel Crazy Man In Beard got Exellent

and "Estelle" Admiravel Black Ascot got Exellent with CK

Big thank you to honourable Judge Johan J Juslin!

It was a very nice day meeting all international friends! 😄

"Skrållan" was very pleased and celebrated with a Danish pølse and champagne!! 🥂🌭

(Groupie with friends - Day 1 BOB Belge, BOB Brux and BOS Belge)

Day 2 at the Danish Winner 2007 Show "Skållan"
(Now also) CH NORD, DK, SE, FIN, NORDW-15, JWW-15, EuroJW-15, SEJW-15, IT JCH
Chippichawas Miss Concorde

Won CACIB, BOB and the Danish Winner 2017 title!!!! 🥂🥂😄

This weekend "Skrållan" also became International Champion to be sent to FCI for confirmation.

"Ture" Admiravel Crazy Man In Beard got Exellent

and "Est...

July 23, 2017

Had a fantastic day at the SKK Köping INT Dogshow today and im so happy and blown away with the amazing rresults!

My black ruff 3 yesr old female "Skrållan" CH SE, CH FI, NordW-15, JWW-15, EuroJW-15, SEJW-15 Chippichawas Miss Concorde won BOB with CACIB and in the group 9 finals she won Best in group 4!! :)

All three pups from litter born in november was also shown with the following great results.

"Ture" Admiravel Crazy Man In Beard
Excellent with HP och BOS puppy

"Estelle" Admiravel Black Ascot

Excellent with HP och BOB puppy

"Lisen" Admiravel Red Velvet
Excellent with HP och BOB puppy

Big thank you to the honourable breed and group judge Alenka Pokorn!


May 25, 2017

Wow I'm so overwhelmed and happy!
Today at the Toy dog club flatfaced specialty in Enköping, my home breed girls age 6 months made their debut in the show ring with fantastic attitude resulting in:

"Lisen" Admiravel Red Velvet (brux)
Co-owned with Maria Eklund
Excellent with honour price and BOB puppy! 🍾

"Estelle" Admiravel Black Ascot (belge)
Excellent with honour price, BOB puppy and BIS 4 puppy!! 🍾

And the girls mother my darling "Skrållan" 
CH SE, CH FI, IT JCH, NORDW-15, JWW-15, EURO JW-15, SEJW-15 Chippichawas Miss Concorde 
Won BOB and BIS3!! 🍾

Big thank you to the honourable judges Carole Rogers and Nigel Marsh for thinking so highly of my girls!

March 16, 2017

Happy and proud of my girl Chippichawas Miss Concord 5th in open bitch in very hard competition.

Not to bad for a first show after her maternity leave ☺️

Most of all it was a blast to meet up with all friends 😄

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