BIG 4 at SKK Köping INT Dogshow!

Had a fantastic day at the SKK Köping INT Dogshow today and im so happy and blown away with the amazing rresults! My black ruff 3 yesr old female "Skrållan" CH SE, CH FI, NordW-15, JWW-15, EuroJW-15, SEJW-15 Chippichawas Miss Concorde won BOB with CACIB and in the group 9 finals she won Best in group 4!! :) All three pups from litter born in november was also shown with the following great results. "Ture" Admiravel Crazy Man In Beard Excellent with HP och BOS puppy "Estelle" Admiravel Black Ascot Excellent with HP och BOB puppy "Lisen" Admiravel Red Velvet Excellent with HP och BOB puppy Big thank you to the honourable breed and group judge Alenka Pokorn!

Sunny sunday 🌞

The best with having a smaller pack is that it's easier to bring them all along to adventures. Today we had a lovely sunny sunday brunch at Häringe castle followed by taking a long walk in at the castles beautiful surroundings and playing in the apple garden 👑🌳☕️🥐🥞


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